Base starting price

Dogs starting price



 Each dog gets a bath with a shampoo to fit their needs. Whether they have dry skin needing oatmeal, allergies needing an avocado oil, fleas needing a flea dip, or their own medicated shampoo, we will never charge extra for the shampoo they need. Also we have conditioner to soften their coats! Every dog also gets their nails clipped with a bath service and ears cleaned out and plucked if needed. Anal glands will also get expressed if needed. And to help maintain their cleanliness in-between baths, we trim their pad hair and sanitary area as well! All included with the bath service!  


Partial groom


 All the bath services plus these extra touch ups to keep your pet knot free and smelling good in between grooms and grow their coat out while keeping the important things maintained! Feet trimmed to help keep extra dirt from being drug in. Face to keep the hair from food and to neaten while growing out the rest of the body. Privates scissor to prevent long hair being in the way and holding anything you don’t want in your home. Feathers tidied up to keep them shaped up between grooms! Popular for sporting breeds like golden retrievers or collies! 


Full groom


 * Bath, blow dry and brush out 

* Nails 

* Ears cleaned and plucked 

* Anal glands expressed 

* Face 

* Feet 

* Fanny 

* Hair taken off the body 




Cats bath


Cat partial


Cat lion cut